Swen Parson Hall will see a dramatic new look

By Talesha Herbert

A temporary change of location will affect faculty more than students.

NIU’s Bursar’s Office cashiering operations, along with tuition counselors at Swen Parson Hall, temporarily will move to the Holmes Student Center, Room 114, across from the Capitol Room, from Tuesday through next Thursday, Sept. 26.

The office will be closed during the anticipated moving dates, and will re-open in the temporary location on Friday, Sept. 27.

Starting in spring 2003, the Bursar’s Office will operate back at the Swen Parson location, which will have been renovated completely.

“When we move into the new facilities, students will see a dramatic change,” Bursar Kinga Mauger said. “It will look like a small bank.”

The temporary relocation is because of renovations to bursar facilities aimed at better serving students, Mauger said.

Students may be surprised once the renovations are complete.

The renovated facilities also will have a customer-friendly approach, Mauger said, and students will be able to communicate with representatives at eye level – something that doesn’t exist in the booth set-up of the Swen Parson facilities.

In addition to the Bursar’s Office’s need for a little touching up, and a more friendly, business-type atmosphere, student privacy was a concern as well.

Students who meet with tuition counselors regularly do so at one of two windows to discuss financial business.

“Tuition counselors will have private offices to meet with students,” Mauger said. “It will be more confidential.”

She hopes the relocation will have a minimal impact on students, because the area is easily accessible.

“I think it’s going to be an interesting challenge for the staff,” Mauger said.

Payments still will be accepted by mail, and all other procedures will remain the same.

Room 114, which used to be known as the coat-check room, will limit the amount of space for bursar representatives, for the time being.

Desks, computers and all other important materials will be moved to the temporary location.

The minimal modification area has undergone vault changes and will have teller windows for cashiers, as well as closed-in doors.

“A nicer look,” Mauger said.

Shaun Garrett, a graduate business management major who works for Advancement Services in Swen Parson, felt the bursar’s office should be remodeled.

“The atmosphere should be more people-oriented,” he said.

Senior communication major Shannon Long said it’s about time the facilities are getting an overhaul. She added that the atmosphere is very bland, unattractive and the signs aren’t readable.

“If renovating the bursar’s office will improve the service and decor,” she said, “I think renovation is a great idea.”