Fraternities seek ‘a few good men’ during Rush

By Maria Tortorello

Once again NIU fraternities will open their doors to students who are interested in joining a greek house.

All houses on Greek Row will host Formal Rush parties for the spring semester fraternity Rush from 8 to 11 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday and next Tuesday, Jan. 19.

According to Jason Cartwright, Interfraternity Council president, individual fraternities hold an open house intended to allow students who would like to rush to see what each house has to offer.

This also gives the fraternity members the chance to observe and consider whom they would like to ask to pledge in their particular house by offering a bid.

“It’s like a matching game,” Cartwright said. “You can basically see where you fit in best.”

During the parties, a fraternity house might choose a theme and plan activities for those interested in rushing. It is left up to the house what sort of activities will take place, Cartwright said.

Compared to Fall Rush, Spring Rush does not usually have as many people interested in rushing, Cartwright said. Also, the number of people who rush have been dropping a little at a time.

However, for the first time, the Student Association Mass Transit Board arranged for the Huskie Line buses to transport students from the residence halls to Greek Row during Rush. This is intended to make it easier to get to Greek Row for Rush, especially with the cold weather, Cartwright said.

“Hopefully (the buses) will make it easier and will attract more guys,” he added.