Bus service to alleviate faculty parking dilemma

By Matt Gronlund

Faculty parking soon will be greatly affected by upcoming mass construction projects and in order to ease the burden of finding a parking space, the Student Association Mass Transit Board (SAMTB) is now offering faculty bus passes.

The parking structure and the Campus Life Building are the two primary construction projects that will affect faculty parking.

During construction, faculty parking will be opened to alleviate the parking shortage in Lot O behind the Stevenson Residence Halls. However, it might still be difficult for faculty members to find a parking space.

SAMTB chairperson Mikki Anderson said the board is targeting faculty members that live in the DeKalb area. Faculty members will be charged $43.20 for a semester bus pass. This is the same price students pay each semester, but less than the public would have to pay for the same pass.

The SAMTB operates 11 different bus lines, which can accommodate most residents of the DeKalb area. A Sycamore route also is available during the week.

Professors should have an easy time making it to NIU for the start of classes. Routes begin at 7 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. Monday through Friday. Most buses run until midnight.

DeKalb resident William Blair, chairman of math sciences, said he has used the Huskie bus lines before, but does not plan on buying a pass.

“I’ve used bus passes in the past when I knew ahead of time that I would not have access to a car,” Blair said. “I’m usually here (at NIU) by 7:15, so I’m able to get a spot. I’ve already bought the necessary permits, so I probably would not buy a bus pass.”

But some professors’ jobs require that they have a car here on campus and cannot depend on the bus for transportation. Wallace Grant, assistant professor systems librarian, said, “My job requires that I be flexible and mobile. I’m vehicle bound.

Anderson said that although construction on these projects is not starting immediately, the passes are being offered now to get the program off the ground.