Apartment hunters should begin their search today

By Chris Denzler

Students sick of the residence halls and looking to move into an apartment for next year should begin to look for vacancies now to begin their independence.

A significant number of students already have looked to gain a spot for next year so those who haven’t filled out applications should start now.

According to Susan Cassens, owner of Horizon Management and member of the Tenant Union, several landlords have been signing up students since the fall semester.

She said that she doesn’t understand why students feel they need to start so early but “there is a definite push for students to start looking right away.”

“The whole process is a hideous cycle. Apartments are renting up so fast because students want to get them so early,” Cassens said. “Someone should warn students that by starting so early they are putting an artificial demand on the market that will raise the rents.”

Lincolnshire West Manager Teresa Howard said students should start coming in as soon as possible and should come in and get applications.

“There is a first-come, first-serve basis,” Howard said. She also said that leases will start to be signed beginning March 15, but you can fill out an application at any time.

According to Cassens, the time to sign is now because if you sign too early you might have problems down the road.

“If you wait until now to sign, you will be able to better gauge the people that you want to live with,” said Cassens.

Besides, who’s to say you’ll still be attending Northern when you sign in October?”