Know the facts

I am writing this letter in response to Bruce C. Edwards’ letter on Feb. 5. It amazes me as to how a “senior” could possibly write such a contradictory letter.

In his letter he continually claimed false allegations and wrote incredible thought-lacking statements.

For instance, claiming that reimbursing American-Japanese for what our country did to them in World War II (taking all of their property and rights away) is an “anti-American political ploy pulled by an American Republicn president” is pure lunacy!

President Bush was shot down over enemy territory, and his two crew men were never found again. How would that cause a man to launch a ploy against his own country?

That act by our government was no less than a constitutional violation of the highest degree. And for your general knowledge, American-Japanese were not merely “inconvenienced” for a “war started by their country” they were imprisoned as criminals for more than four years!

Bruce also makes many comments about how the “Japanese who are now buying the country right from under us.” If that is true, why do the Germans own more than the Japanese? And the British more than the Germans? And the Canadians more than three times what the British own? Or was that just an accidental fact-lacking statement?

Bruce also spent the majority of his letter saying what a slap in the face this is to other minorities, from A.I.D.S. victims to Italians. Were the Italians imprisoned on our country? No! Even the Italian P.O.W.‘s from the African campaign had more rights than the American-Japanese did!

Bruce also makes an absurd statement that “the Republican party is a capitalistic ideology that will sell this country to the highest bidder” and “American people continue to vote for U.S. presidents by the color of their skin.”

This might be a surprise to you, Bruce, but a Democrat was the one who imprisoned the American-Japanese in the first place. Compensation for an immoral act that has gone uncorrected for almost 50 years is not selling our country to the highest bidder.

This LAW does not belittle anyone. It only proves as to why our country is the best in the world, and that is why Bush compensated them a sum of $20,000 for a 4-year incarceration, in which many died. Would you want to spend four years of your life in prison for only $5000 a year?

Todd A. Bequette


Mechanical Engineering