OCR: Give someone a kiss

By Linda Luk

Health has a variety of different dimensions.

To help the campus community understand those dimensions, the Office of Campus Recreation will host its first annual Wellness Week to demonstrate the importance of the six areas of wellness.

Throughout this week, the OCR will feature a series of activities from 4 to 7 p.m. that will highlight five of the six dimensions of wellness: emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual. The sixth dimension is physical wellness, which officials assume is understood through activities at the Rec.

“In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need to be aware and be healthy in each aspect of wellness,” wellness graduate assistant Anna Sheaner said.

On Monday, the focus is emotional wellness, or the ability to express emotions appropriately. Chocolate kisses wrapped up with poems of friendship or love will be handed out at the Rec. The kisses are meant to be shared with others as a healthy way to express emotions, Sheaner said.

Tuesday is Environmental Health Day. This includes the appreciation of the external environment and the role individuals play in preserving and improving environmental conditions.

“That’s when we are bringing in recycling services,” Sheaner said. “I think it is important to have a positive attitude about the environment you are living in.”

The ability to experience healthy interpersonal relationships is Wednesday’s focus for Social Wellness Day.

Various campus organizations will have tables at the recreation center with different kinds of smoothies so students can do taste tests and vote on their favorite ones.

“It’s just a fun activity where people can socialize together,” Sheaner said.

Fun personality tests will be handed out on Thursday, Mental Wellness Day, along with free herbal teas.

“Duck Soup Coup is donating a bunch of herbal tea,” Sheaner said. “Tea helps to release stress, to help you sleep.”

Thursday is also Great American Smoke Out Day, a national awareness day about smoking. Information about smoking will be available throughout the day from the American Cancer Society.

Friday culminates the week with spiritual wellness. Sheaner said the Freeport-based New Direction Drumming Circle will demonstrate team-building activities, and people will work together to create a united sound.

“Research shows that it stimulates the immune system and heart circulation,” Sheaner said.

OCR Fitness Coordinator Becky Lewis said the week includes an overall look at health, as well as wellness.

“I think fitness expands more than exercise, and a lot of recreation is going in that direction,” Lewis said. “Fitness areas need to incorporate wellness.”

Wellness Week has been in the planning stages since September. Sheaner, who is the first person to hold the OCR-appointed wellness graduate assistant position, hopes that through Wellness Week, people will be aware of the different aspects of wellness and their importance.