At the Apollo, DeKalb style

By Talesha Herbert

Two NIU students have put together a night of entertainment, Harlem-style for Homecoming 2001.

“Apollo,” based on the popular TV show “Showtime at the Apollo” will be presented at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. 2nd St.

The show is an annual after-homecoming performance showcasing local talent and other entertainment.

Rod Moyer, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha and a senior communication major, and Ronnie Blanchard, a corporate communication major have been working together as coordinators for the Apollo show.

“Ticket sales are going extremely well,” Moyer said.

Blanchard said “Apollo” has been a homecoming tradition since his freshman year.

Both Blanchard and Moyer wanted students to have a chance to showcase their talents this year.

“The show will consist of 16 acts,” Moyer said.

During the first half of the show, there will be entertainment from hip-hop and R&B entertainers, Moyer added.

Also, various dance groups will be featured, including Rhythm Nation, VIBE, Dynamic Destruction, Sub Element, Animal House and many others.

The second half will be very similar to the “Apollo” show in Harlem, New York, where the audience will have a chance to applaud the best acts and boo the worst.

Also, someone will play the role of the very popular Sandman, who’s job is to push the bad acts off stage.

The winner of the second half of the show will receive a $200 cash prize and a trophy.

Craig Dodgen, also known as Craig D, will deejay for the show.

Craig D has been a deejay for seven years, including deejaying last year’s “Apollo.”

The well-known deejay, who is a marketing major at Kishwaukee College, will appear at other functions during the weekend as well.

Freshman marketing major Andre Don, also known as DJ Don Luchi, has been a deejay for three years and also is helping promote the show.

Those attending the show are advised to arrive on time in order to get a good seat. Although the party following “Apollo” was canceled, Blanchard said, “students deserve a complete weekend, and we want to make sure that homecoming will be fun as well as successful.”