City airport remains closed

By Tyler Vincent

The DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport remained closed indefinitely for a third straight day Thursday because of a continued Federal Aviation Administration order.

“All general aviation airports are closed,” DeKalb airport manager Tom Cleveland said of the FAA mandate. “Air charters and air ambulances can take off.”

Taylor Municipal Airport was closed by city officials Tuesday in response to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The FAA announced that it would allow a limited amount of air traffic Wednesday and re-opened most airports Thursday.

The city issued a press release indicating that the airport would re-open at 10 a.m. Thursday morning but issued another press release an hour later stating the airport would remain closed.

Bob Albanese, NIU’s assistant vice president of Finance and Facilities, said he has seen only one example of the limited air traffic having an effect on NIU.

He said John Gordon, the director of NIU’s arena, was attempting to fly back from Miami Wednesday morning when nationwide air traffic was stopped because of the attacks.

“He went down there for a conference,” Albanese said. “He’s now driving home. University people who are out on university business have some decisions to make.”

The airport will remain closed by the city until further notice, according to the city’s Web site.