Regents controversy affects DeKalb County resolutions

By Michael Berg

The controversy surrounding the Board of Regents reached a county-wide level Wednesday.

A resolution passed by the board set up a travel policy for members of the DeKalb County Board.

The resolution calls for all travel by board members, except to and from board and committee meetings, to be approved by the board chairman.

The recent report about the Board of Regents and their “unnecessary expenditure of state funds” was brought up in relation to this travel policy, and it was clarified that the board could investigate a similar scenario if a case of extravagant travel spending came up.

Ordinance 93-3, calling for a limit on vehicle weight on county highways until April 21, and ordinance 93-4, allowing the prefabrication of wood products in an agricultural district in the Squaw Grove Township, were both passed unanimously.

The Transportation Committee was busy, with seven resolutions and one ordinance pending. Among the resolutions were the permission to buy two pickup trucks, two one-ton trucks and a truck cab and chassis from Northwest Ford Truck Center of Franklin Park, Ill.

Also, engineering services were rendered for replacing a bridge on Sycamore Road in Hinckley, and the 1993 salary of $52,042 for the county engineer was appropriated from the Motor Fuel Tax Funds.

Bids for road materials were accepted by the board, and two requests for road name changes were passed.

The Finance Committee’s only resolution was to approve an updated list of banks and credit unions as depositories of public funds.