Students shack up in dorms

By Linda Luk

Room sign-up for the fall semester ended Monday, but sign-up for the summer session begin Wednesday.

Dorm sign-up, which started in late March, concluded Monday with off-campus students registering to live in the residence halls for the next school year.

“Room sign-up went pretty smoothly,” said Melodie Thomas, housing administrator for Student Housing and Dinning Services. “The general sign-up went well with the second day being the busiest, and the longest students had to wait was only 45 minutes.”

There are about 2,500 students signed up to live in the residence halls for next year, along with about 1,465 incoming freshmen and 210 transfer students. After room sign-up, almost all hall capacities have been met. There are still 180 spots available with 167 in Neptune East and 13 in Stevenson Towers. Grant Towers, Douglas and Lincoln hall caps are all met, with spaces reserved for incoming freshmen.

“I think most of the students got what they wanted,” Thomas said. “There was some confusion about single rooms. Students didn’t read the booklet carefully, and some students lost their single room.”

Students who signed a contract and won’t be at NIU or decide to live in an apartment must notify the student housing and dinning services. Students who won’t be at NIU must notify in writing by May 1, and students who want to live in apartments must have an exceptional reason to be released from the contract.

“Students who are still looking to stay in the residence halls should come here to our office in Neptune East,” said Thomas. “There are still 180 spots, and they have from now ‘til the end of the semester or until the caps in the halls are met. If they are living off campus now, they are required to put in a deposit.”

According to Jeff Daurer, assistant director for facilities of the office of Student Housing and Dining Services, 25 to 30 percent of the incoming students requested an academic option. Freshmen will receive their floor assignment by orientation and the exact address in early August.

Summer housing sign-up begins Wednesday, and it runs through April 27. There will be three different sign-up dates, and students have the opportunity to pick their room or floor option. Students here during the summer will stay at Stevenson North. Meal plans are not required, and Huskie Bucks may be purchased. Meals are available at the Grant dining unit and the Corner Store in Stevenson. Students also must be enrolled in the 2001 summer semester.