Stabbing incident leaves questions

By Erica Fatland

Police now confirm that an unidentified man’s injuries Wednesday night came from a stabbing, not a shooting.

An ambulance took the man from Grant Towers North to Kishwaukee Community Hospital shortly before midnight. Although the initial call to police reported a shooting, that has been proven false.

“How the gunshot rumor got started probably was from blood,” said Lt. John Hunter, interim University Police chief.

Police believe the stabbing occurred shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday, Hunter said. Although there are some leads in the continuing investigation, he declined to say whether there were suspects.

UP Sgt. Matthew Kiederlen said police know the incident did not happen at the residence hall.

“[It happened] somewhere around the Holmes Student Center, possibly at the Lucinda side,” Kiederlen said.

About 30 minutes before police went to Grant North, a call over the police scanner reported two people running north on Normal Road after an alleged fight at the student center.

Hunter said there are some leads regarding that incident, but information is sparse.

Anyone who might have seen the stabbing is asked to call UPs at 753-1212 or the NIU Tipline at


Campus editor Hank Brockett contributed to this story.