Had a fun time

Thanks for the 100 Hours of Pure Omega Weekend. This is a weekend that was long overdue, guys. As a student that attends very few dances, I am glad I chose to attend your activities this weekend. Although your events cost slightly more than those of other organizations, I think it is well worth it as long as I have a good time. Undoubtedly, my friends and I agree that this was the best weekend at NIU yet (including our sorry, boring Homecoming Weekend).

Also, I am very glad to see the extra effort that your guys put forth to ensure the safety of your patrons. Given the huge number of students that your guys attract at all of your events, it is incredible that no fights took place this weekend.

If you guys should have another weekend in the future, please be sure to let me know. As I stated before, even though it costs a dollar or two more to attend your events, I think it is well worth it.

Ericka D. Stopstell

Human and Family Research