Arrests made after police ‘bust’ parties

By R. Scott Lohman

Two parties were busted and several arrests were made this weekend.

DeKalb Police made several arrests just before midnight Friday for possession of alcohol as minors and selling alcohol without a DeKalb city license.

Police said plainclothes officers entered two residences where parties were being held and the officers said they received offers to buy beer at each of the parties.

Scott M. Terry, Shawn P. Burke and Tommy L. Paveza, all 21 and of DeKalb, were arrested at 827 Charles St. and charged with selling alcohol without a license, police said. The three men were released posting $100 bond each and they are scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 20, police said.

At the party, police said they seized $106 and four kegs of beer, two of which were full, one was empty and the other was partially full.

Police said they also confiscated three bottles of liquor,

marking pen and six plastic cups. All the items were placed into evidence.

The other party was held at 450 College Ave. where eight people were arrested. Michael Rice and Patrick T. Pena, both 19, 450 College Ave., were arrested and charged with selling alcohol without a city license, police said.

Police said the following six people were arrested and charged with possession of alcohol as minors: Brian K. Wright, 19, Villa Park; Brian K. Fujii, 20, 450 College Ave.; Austin M. Chavez, 19, 1270 Grant Towers North; Timothy W. Kane, 18, 1221 Grant Towers South; Mack P. Gapsis, 17, 743 Stevenson Towers South and Matthew T. Weber, 18, 1146 Grant Towers South.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Rick Probasco said that evidence from this party also was confiscated.

He also said the arrests are part of an “ongoing effort to curtail the illegal sale of alcohol.”