NIU committee prepares for reaccreditation review

By Amy Callaghan

NIU is getting ready for a reaccreditation review, an institutional self-assessment evaluated by an outside agency, that is conducted every 10 years.

NIU will be evaluated by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) in February, 1994.

The NCA is a not-for-profit voluntary organization that evaluates schools, colleges and universities in the Midwest for accreditation.

The steering committee, spearheaded by NIU English Professor James Mellard, had its second meeting on Friday.

The purpose of this meeting was to select subcommittee members. Each member of the steering committee will chair a subcommittee.

Faculty, staff and students were recommended for the subcommittees by members of the steering committee, vice presidents, deans and chairs of various departments.

People who have been recommended will be contacted by letter within the next couple of weeks, Mellard said.

He said the main responsibility of the steering committee and subcommittees is to produce a report based on the data they have accumulated.

Mellard said that reports should contain the four main criteria and other general requirements the NCA will look at.

“The NCA asks us to take a look at ourselves and ask ourselves: do we have a mission statement and is it clearly articulated, are we organized to fulfill the mission, are we currently succeeding and are we capable of succeeding in the future?”

Mellard said.

The goal of the committee for this semester is to get organized. Next semester, the goal is to produce the report, Mellard said.