The dream lives, for now

By Tyler Vincent

The liquor flowed again at Arcade Dreams, 1205 W. Lincoln Highway, Tuesday after owner George Broches established proof Monday night that the restaurant had a liquor liability license.

The restaurant’s Class E liquor license was suspended Jan. 23 by DeKalb Mayor Bessie Chronopoulos, the city liquor commissioner, for Broches’ failure to maintain liquor liability insurance from October through January. The license was suspended indefinitely until Broches provided proof of insurance.

On Jan. 30, Broches paid fines stemming from two previous violations totalling $2,600. The first, set at $2,000, was issued because of a March 1999 violation for serving minors and failure to maintain insurance. The second was levied last September when Broches violated the terms of his Class E license, which requires 60 percent of a business’ revenue to come from food and no more than 40 percent from alcohol.

Arcade Dreams filed for bankruptcy last year, preventing the city from collecting the fines until the bankruptcy case was dismissed Jan. 17.

DeKalb city clerk Donna Johnson said Broches suspension’ could have been extended if fines hadn’t been paid.

“If he paid one of the fines but not the other one, he would have had to serve a 30-day suspension,” Johnson said. “If he didn’t pay both, he would have been suspended for 60 days.”

Chronopoulos has yet to determine the third part of the sentencing, which addresses the period when the restaurant had no liquor liability insurance.

Johnson said Arcade Dreams could face another fine or suspension. It was unclear when Chronopoulos would make a decision.