State schools touched

By Eric Krol

Hazing-related problems have touched NIU and other state schools in the past.

Although deaths due to hazing have been uncommon, NIU experienced one in 1975. A student died at a fraternity initiation party after drinking a half-gallon of a mixture of gin, tequila and wine within an hour’s time.

In the March 4, 1992 issue of The Northern Star, Judicial Director Larry Bolles detailed several of the injuries which have resulted from hazing at NIU.

“Internal bleeding, broken ribs, partial loss of eyesight and temporary loss of hearing have been among the injuries,” Bolles said.

Nicholas Haben, a student at Western Illinois University, died on Oct. 19, 1990 after drinking a quart of tequila at a LaCrosse Club initiation party. Haben was dropped-off at his residence hall room where he died sometime during the night. According to the Western Courier, the student newspaper at WIU, 12 Western students were suspended or expelled for the hazing incident.

The students also were tried in court on hazing charges and found guilty. An appeals court judge recently upheld the conviction.