NIU alumnus chosen as city manager

By Rich Bruen

New City Manager William Nicklas looks forward to working with the DeKalb city government in his new position.

According to Nicklas, the city manager is an administrative officer who carries out the programs and policies of the city council and mayor.

“My intention will be to go along with the wishes of the elected officials,” he said.

He also said his immediate concerns are becoming familiar with concerns, programs, priorities and long-range plans of the city.

“My principal ally, for now, will be to keep my eye on the issues,” he said. “I need to know where the money is coming from and where it’s going.”

Nicklas speculated the long-range plans of the city will include a number of very expensive infrastructure repairs, street repairs and a continued policy of economic development.

Nicklas has served in the city government since 1986 when he became the chief-code enforcement officer. In 1988, he became the acting director of community development and later that year became the director of building and community services.

Nicklas also is an NIU alumnus and has received a master of arts and a doctorate of philosophy from the university.

Mayor Greg Sparrow said the city council selected Nicklas from a field of 125 applicants.