Area apartment complexes offers tours to NIU parents

By Jen Bland

Parents of NIU students who are interested in what type of apartment life DeKalb has to offer are in luck.

Representatives from Mason Properties are sending invitations for an apartment open house and tours to be given on Dec. 5 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rob Arrington, general manager of Mason Properties, said participants will meet at Amnesia, 1000 W. Lincoln Hwy., where they will fill out information cards and be dispatched to different areas in DeKalb to view the apartments.

The tour will involve seven different complexes, although the James Court complex on North First Street is not particularly aimed at students.

The remaining six include Old Orchard Place Townhouses, Colonial Townhouses, Cardinal Apartments, Timbercrest Apartments and Normal Road Apartments.

The cost of these apartments range from $375 to $725, Arrington said.

He said the information is being sent out now so people can sign up early. He also said there are incentives being offered for people who sign before Dec. 31.

“The main reason we’re sending the information to the parents now is because many of them want to remain active in their kids’ lives,” he said. “This is one way to get them involved from the beginning.”

Arrington said by Nov. 20 there also will be fliers sent to everyone living in the residence halls and other area apartments.

“This is probably the first time many kids have been away from home,” he said. “This is a real service for the parents because they can see the town and see what we have to offer.”

Arrington said he believes the apartments offer many advantages over residence hall living.

He said when students live in residence halls they have to wait in long lines for food and park far away. He also said apartment life is cheaper.

“In the halls there are two people trying to live in a cubicle the size of one bedroom in an apartment,” he said.