OCR holds fifth annual creative art exhibit

By Ray McDermott

An NIU art exhibition will feature the creative art projects of students and local artists today.

The Office of Campus Recreation is holding their fifth annual Creative Art Centre exhibit from 3 to 8 p.m. in the lounge of the Campus Recreation Center.

Karen Seymour-Ells, director of the Creative Art Centre, said, “We believe that artistic expression is as important to a person’s well-being as physical exercise.”

She said the center puts together an exhibit of different creative art projects created by students each semester.

“The Creative Arts Centre takes care of the mental well-being, and my co-workers take care of the body’s physical well-being,” she said.

The exhibit will include ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, printing and dying, some of which will be on sale. Visitors will have the opportunity to view live demonstrations of different craft techniques.

Seymour-Ells said several students who worked on these projects will be in attendance.

There will be a free raffle with prizes donated by local businesses, such as Village Commons Bookstore, 901 Lucinda, and Eduardo’s Restaurant, 214 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Refreshments will be served for those attending the exhibition.