Lincoln Hall Bursar offers convenience

By Wendy Arquilla

Students now have a new Bursar’s Office to handle their financial responsibilities.

A new Bursar’s Office opened last Monday in Lincoln Hall.

“So far, business has been pretty slow because not many students have found out about this location,” according to Jeff Sherman, supervisor of the Lincoln Hall Bursar’s Office.

“The reason for the Lincoln Hall location is to help with the handling of the telephone bills that NIU has recently taken over,” he said.

Sherman said the new office is more accessible to students who have to pay their phone bills through the new telecommunications office located in the Lincoln Hall Bursar’s Office.

Additionally, he said the office will handle traditional tuition payments.

“This office should even out the traffic from the Swen Parson Bursar’s Office,” he said.

Sherman said the new office probably will service students from the residence halls and some off-campus students while the original office will get more commuter students.

“It’s a great convenience having the new office in Lincoln because my phone bill is the only reason I use the office,” said Michelle Kerr, junior elementary education major and Lincoln Hall resident.

Kerr said when she heard of the new office she was worried about long lines and crowding because of her encounters at the Swen Parson office.

“There haven’t been any long lines so far and I don’t think it will cause any problems in that respect,” she said.