Ellington’s menu gets an update

By Jacob Baker

DeKALB – NIU’s student-run restaurant, Ellington’s, will be featuring a vast selection of menus from February to April.

Located in the Holmes Student Center, customers can experience a three-course meal from students getting hands-on experience through tourism, hospitality and dietetics and nutrition programs.

The restaurant is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. from Feb. 18 – April 23. Meals cost $10 and include drinks and tip, according to Ellington’s website.

Featured menus for the upcoming months are Fragaria, The Bird House, KC’s, Kool Beans, a Bloody Good Thyme, Peas on Earth, Pom-Cavolo and the Perennial Café, according to the website.

Fragaria, Feb. 25-March 31:

Starters: Creamy asparagus soup or fragaria salad

Entrées: Sweet chili tofu rice bowl or sweet chili chicken rice bowl

Desserts: Strawberry kiwi yogurt parfait or strawberry kiwi cheesecake parfait

Table Item: Pita chips & red beet hummus dip

The Bird House, Feb. 27-April 2:

Starters: Chicken, spinach and potato soup or arugula, spinach and clementine salad

Entrées: Spinach dip stuffed portobello mushroom with roasted fingerling potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes or spinach dip stuffed chicken breast with roasted fingerling potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes

Desserts: Blood orange sorbet or clementine marzipan cake

Table Item: Flatbread with pesto and cheese

KC’s, March 3-April 7:

Starters: Greek broken lemon soup or avocado and tofu spring roll

Entrées: Stuffed green peppers with broccoli and lemon-herb quinoa or salmon wellington with spinach with broccoli and lemon-herb quinoa

Desserts: meyer lemon mousse or avocado brownies with raspberry whip

Table Item: creamy avocado hummus with pita

Kool Beans, March 3-April 7:

Starters: Spiced fava bean soup with rice and tomato soup or favetta crostinis topped with sautéed Shrimp

Entrées: Stuffed ravioli with fava beans & tomato basil served with arugula and fennel salad or roasted salmon with tomato and kiwi salsa served with bulgar with vermicelli and arugula and fennel salad

Desserts: Winter fruit salad or no bake mango kiwi cheesecake parfaits

Table Item: Egyptian-style falafel made with fava beans and served with tahini sauce

A Bloody Good Thyme, March 17-April 14:

Starters: beet and vegetable soup or beetroot and blood orange salad

Entrées: Seitan asada with a blood orange chimichurri sauce served alongside roasted beets and garlic mashed potatoes or tahini flank steak served with roasted beets and garlic mashed potatoes

Desserts: Heartbeet chocolate cake, garnished with candied blood orange peel or ricotta blood orange cheesecake

Table Item: sparkling beet and thyme lemonade

Peas on Earth, March 19-April 16:

Starters: Ham and split pea soup or pea shoot salad with radishes, pickled onions and dried cherries

Entrées: Black-eyed pea fritters with mint spring peas and garlic mashed potatoes or pork loin and cherry sauce with mint spring peas and garlic mashed potatoes

Desserts: Walnut berry-cherry crisp or cherry chocolate cheesecake

Table Item: Pea hummus with pita chips

Pom-Cavolo, March 24-April 21:

Starters: Minestrone soup or kale pesto flatbread

Entrées: Gnocchi sausage kale or gnocchi vegan Italian sausage and kale

Desserts: Pomelo tart or chocolate mousse

Table Item: Butter scone with pomelo marmalade

Perennial Café, March 26-April 23:

Starters: Tomato, fennel and meatball soup or caramelized fennel, onion and cherry tart with goat cheese

Entrées: Madras chickpea and lentil curry with basmati rice and braised fennel or Madras beef curry with basmati rice and braised fennel

Desserts: Rhubarb crisp or cheesecake with a strawberry and rhubarb compote

Table Item: Cornbread muffin served with a homemade rhubarb jam

Wine is also available for $5 per glass, according to Ellington’s website.