Miller recaptures DeKalb County coroner position

By Rich Bruen

DeKalb County residents apparently are pleased with the way the county coroner’s office is being run as they re-elected Republican incumbent Dennis Miller Tuesday for another term.

In his Election Day victory, Miller captured 65 percent of the vote by receiving 19,758 votes, compared to Democratic challenger Faye Allen’s 12,856 votes.

“I feel great,” he said. “I really feel humble that the citizens of DeKalb County selected me for four more years. It’s an honor.”

Miller said he plans to maintain his office’s current direction during his next term.

“I plan to maintain the professionalism of the coroner’s office and maintain communications with the police departments, fire departments and local residents on current methods and trends of the profession,” he said.

Additionally, Miller said he “ran a clean campaign” and wished his opponent well.

“I ran as hard as I could,” Allen said. “Not being a politician, I don’t know what I could have done differently. He (Miller) ran a strong race.”

Miller, 35, has served as DeKalb County coroner for the past nine years and prior to that served five years as DeKalb County deputy coroner.

Throughout the race Allen said her 25 years of experience as a nurse made her the better qualified candidate for the position.

“Coroner is a logical progression from nurse,” Allen said. “I have the experience in the health profession to make me qualified.”

However, Miller disagreed and pointed to his experience on the job.

“My opponent is a very good nurse but does not have the training or the experience that I have,” he said.