Meeting plagued by controversy

By Matt Gronlund

Controversy once again plagued the Student Association meeting Sunday.

The big controversy of the night came with the vote to elect Robert Polle into the Senate.

After a Senate vote, Polle was welcomed into the Senate and asked to have a seat with the other senators. After doing so, it was brought to the Senate’s attention that Polle missed the required two-thirds vote by less than one point. After much debate, a second vote was cast in which Polle did not receive the required two-thirds vote.

A number of senators, disgusted with the decision, stormed out of the meeting. Sen. Stacey Hagemeyer, who did not leave, said she thought the Senate made a big mistake by not voting Polle into the Senate. A number of other senators also voiced a great concern over the issue.

Mike Varon, who was in the same write-in senator pool as Polle, was voted in as a senator-at-large.

In other business, nominations and elections were held to fill

the Senate speaker spot recently vacated by Dawn Lowry. Lowry resigned last week to make time for her other extracurricular activities.

Senators Nelson Perez, Joe Delfin and Mouneer Amad were nominated to fill the spot. After 15 minutes of speeches by the candidates and five minutes of debate, Perez was elected to fill the position. Perez, who was elected by a 17-6-1 vote, previously had run for the position.

In one other election of the night, Michael DeValdivielso was elected to fill a vacant supreme court justice position.

In other business, the Senate voted not to support a proposal, made by Jerrold Zar, dean and associate provost for Graduate Studies and Research, to put permanent misconduct notations on the transcripts of students found guilty of cheating. Zar has previously and unsuccessfully tried to have the proposal passed.

Also, Kia Love was introduced as the new community affairs adviser and Moura Jandris was named as the new SPEAK adviser.

Sen. Brizona Craft, who was absent from the meeting, was voted out of the Senate.