County board candidate’s fliers create controversy

By Matt Gronlund

A candidate for DeKalb County Board might have wrongly placed fliers into residence hall mailboxes.

Political fliers promoting Mary Sindelar, a Democratic candidate for DeKalb County Board, were put into student mailboxes at Douglas Hall on Friday. Eric Carter, Sindelar’s Republican incumbent opponent, raised the issue Friday afternoon.

Sending political mail through campus mail services is against NIU regulations. Richard Leatherwood, supervisor of NIU Mailing Services, said, “We do not deliver any kind of political material, it’s against the rules.”

However, Sindelar did not send the fliers through campus mail but dropped them off at the front desk of the residence hall.

Kate Loquist, the Douglas front desk worker who gave the okay to put the fliers into the boxes, said mail must have both a mailing address and a return address to be put into residence hall mailboxes. “The fliers had both so I went ahead and put them in,” Loquist said. “I think that as long as they’re individually addressed it’s okay and I didn’t think it was a mass mailing.”

Joyce Davis, the administrator in charge of Douglas Hall’s front desk, was unavailable for comment.

Sindelar said she feels that she followed the rules the best that she could. “I stated they were for a campaign. I believe I was totally in my right to do it,” Sindelar said.

Sindelar said she didn’t go through the U.S. Post Office because of budget constraints.

To rectify the situation, Sindelar said she has been trying to get in contact with the residence hall director to find out the rules.

“I take full responsibility,” Sindelar said, “I followed the rules the best that I could.”

Carter said, “Personally, I feel it’s wrong. I paid the postage, I followed the rules.”

“I personally feel that if you’re going to have a candidate on the county board they should follow the rules and even if it is just negligence, do you want someone negligent on the board?” Carter said.