Enrollment sees 1% increase from Fall 2019

Northern Star Staff

NIU fall enrollment is up by 160 students, a 1% increase from Fall 2019, according to university data released Tuesday.

The ten-day count of enrollment for this fall was 16,769 students; Fall 2019 had an enrollment of 16,609, according to a Sept. 11 Northern Star article

Summer enrollment fell by 48 students from Summer 2019, according to a July 21 Northern Star article

The impact of COVID-19 on fall enrollment was unknown in the summer, according to a June 28 Northern Star article

Fall 2020 enrollment surpassed the projected figure by NIU’s five-year Strategic Enrollment Plan by 20 students.

Total undergraduate enrollment is 12,277, a 1.2% increase from Fall 2019. Total graduate enrollment is 4,185, a 0.5% decrease from Fall 2019. Law school enrollment is also up 12% from Fall 2019, according to university data. 

The number of first-year students enrolled at NIU this semester is up by 8%, and the retention of first-year students is up by 6%. The number of transfer students declined to 1,504, a 7% decrease.