Agreement proposed to extend sewer system

By D. Richard Roth

The city of DeKalb will soon have the opportunity to execute an agreement with several local entities, resulting in the lengthening of the sanitary sewer located on Annie Glidden Road.

The sanitary sewer running north on Annie Glidden Road terminates west of Stevenson Drive, said DeKalb Interim City Manager Dean Kruithof.

The proposed agreement would call for the extension of the sanitary sewer beginning at Stevenson Drive and ending at property known as Polar Bek on the north, he said.

As a result of the sanitary sewer extension, nearly 100 acres of property will be eligible for development, he said. If future extension projects are considered, the service area will be enlarged further.

The estimated cost of extending the sanitary sewer line is $413,000, said DeKalb Economic Development Director Linda Boyer.

“DeKalb will contribute $130,000 to the project, with $80,000 subject to recapture upon annexation and development of the Austin Mitchell property,” she said.

She said the project has moved slowly toward completion during the last few years and has been a multiple effort among several local entities.

“The agreement involves DeKalb, the sanitary district, Polar Bek Company, the Rockford Catholic Diocese, Banyan Development and the Austin Mitchell Trust,” Boyer said.

The authorization for DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow to execute the agreement came at last week’s DeKalb City Council meeting when the resolution was formally approved.