Register today

The article in Monday’s Star about Senator Simon’s visit to NIU entirely missed the point of his visit. He was here to support the candidacy of Kay Philips for state representative, John Nelson for state senator, Carol Moseley-Braun for the U.S. senate, and Rev. Jonathon Reich for the U.S. house of representatives.

Since Senator Simon visited NIU at Reich’s invitation, he and the Young Democrats deserve credit for the rally. It is a rare university which has one of its own students running for Congress, and as a husband of an NIU professor, he will have NIU’s best interests doubly at heart.

In addition to the usual concerns that all citizens have in good government, the NIU community can expect Reich to work for specific student and faculty interests such as student loans, grants, work-study money, funds for special projects, research and artistic grants, equipment and building funds, and so forth. Whether one is approaching Washington or Springfield for help, it never hurts to have a Congressman on your side.

The university has the remarkable opportunity to elect one of our own community to Congress. In this age of cutbacks in educational funding and the worst employment possibilities for college graduates since the 1930s, Senator Simon’s appearance should support Reich’s candidacy as well as that of Moseley-Braun, Philips and Nelson.

Because NIU students live in DeKalb from August to May, it makes good sense for them to register where they live and where they can impact the election. This is the last week to register for this fall’s election.

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.