New to Netflix in February

By Parker Otto

As January draws to a close, a new slate of media is to be dropped on Netflix. While many releases are pre-existing films and television series, there are a few originals to keep an eye on in February. 

“Malcolm and Marie”

Directed by Sam Leinson, creator of the HBO series “Euphoria,” this film was created, shot and finished during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is set to release on Feb. 5. The film follows a filmmaker named Malcom and his girlfriend, played by Academy Award nominee John David Washington and Emmy Award winner Zendaya, as they await reviews on Malcolm’s latest film and undergo their most challenging moments as a couple.

“To All The Boys: Always and Forever”

The third and final film in the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” series, this installment sees Lara Jean Song-Covey, played by Lana Condor, finishing high school, embarking on a trip to Korea with her family and deciding the future of her relationship with her boyfriend, played by Noah Centineo. With the first two films proving popular with subscribers, Netflix should brace for another surge of viewers Feb. 12 when the film drops.

“Kid Cosmic”

Created by Craig McCracken, of “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” this show promises to be fast-paced, animated fun. The series is set to air Feb. 2 and follows the titular child as he and four others are given superpowers by five cosmic stones. With their new powers, the five must come together to defeat alien invaders and defend the Earth.


Directed by Kevin MacDonald, winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature for “One Day In September,” this documentary will focus on the life and career of the legendary soccer sensation. The film, which will be released on Feb. 23, comes off the heels of event sports documentaries like HBO Max’s “Tiger” and ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

“Care A Lot”

Garnering critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival alongside other 2020 darlings like “Nomadland” and “One Night in Miami…,” “I Care A Lot” will be released Feb. 19. Starring Rosamund Pike, the film focuses on Pike’s character, who steals from the elderly whom she cares for, as she rips off the wrong person who is involved with the world of organized crime.