Sore loosers

This letter is directed to the men(?) of Alpha Kappa Lambda and finally to the greek advisor, Dawn Sturma. Upon losing a Springfest softball game against Kappa Sigma last semester, the AKL team members began harassing the FEMALE umpire calling the game. They proceeded to surround her and one of the members, showing how bad he was, actually shoved her.

I can understand why you guys(?) were so upset. You lost a softball game. Perfect reason to go shoving a girl around. I know whenever I’m that upset, it feels good to knock around my mother, girlfriend, etc. It makes me feel tough, you know like a real man.

By the look of your actions, all I can say is that you guys(?) are a bunch of gutless idiots. On top of that, you’re really stupid, too. You’ve been a full-fledged fraternity for only a short time and you pull crap like this. You guys are the epitome of pure ignorance.

That particular night I called the president of AKL, Jeff, and I began to explain what happened to him rationally and without vulgarity, just to have the president say to me, “Why don’t you come over here and say that.” You pinhead, I thought you may have wanted to hear what the babies in your house were doing, but noooo! You had to try to act tough just like the rest, almost as if you condone that crap. You guys(?) have some serious problems and they better be taken care of.

Also, if you’re thinking about writing a rebuttal, remember everything said here is true, facts and opinions. You cannot defend these actions. Besides, you probably don’t have the balls to.

Finally, to Dawn Sturma, who was sooo upset when it came to her attention and promised action would be taken, why haven’t you done anything? What are you waiting for? Show some authority and do your job!

Mike Remedi