Recommended snow day activities


Getty Images

Aidan Bengford, News Reporter

With heavy snow rolling in, here are some things to keep busy while stuck inside. 

    1. Make a snowman

Although I’m an adult attending a university, playing in the snow is still pretty fun. There are a lot of activities that you can do while staying at home. The classic snowman is always a solid choice, but snow is like clay except way more fragile. The only real limit is your imagination. I’m not very creative so I usually take to making shapes in the snow, but there are so many possibilities you can go with.

      2. Sledding

 If you are able to physically exit the house, I’d also recommend sledding. In today’s world it’s a bit more complicated than going to a local hill with some friends. In my experience, finding a hill with few people and going to an isolated area can be almost as fun as participating with others.

       3. Clean up

If you’re too much of an “adult” to play in the snow, then there is plenty you can do in the house. Catching up on housework can be really fulfilling even though it isn’t what everyone thinks of when they hear it’s going to be a snow day. Knowing that you achieved a lot in a day that was supposed to restrict you is very rewarding, and the sense of accomplishment is a great feeling. 

Less productive ideas

If you want to do something less productive, then there are always Netflix, books and your favorite video games. I make good use of various streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Max, but the choice is yours and there is a lot of good media on all the major streaming platforms. Make sure to look into what you want to watch most and then make your purchase based on that idea.