School of Theatre and Dance will perform ‘Polaroid Stories’ via Zoom


Patrick Murphy

The School of Theatre and Dance responded Monday to a series of racist posts written by local business owner Scott Almand. Almand’s company had sponsored an opening night party for the college and he once taught a welding workshop.

Northern Star Staff

DeKALB The NIU School of Theatre and Dance is hosting a free play at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 5 and 6 through Zoom. 

The play, “Polaroid Stories” by Naomi Lizuka, takes place on an abandoned pier where down and out people go to feel some camaraderie and dream of better lives for themselves. 

Mixing together the real-life stories of homeless children with classical mythology, “Polaroid Stories”  shows how storytelling can help these children escape from their worlds of hurt and suffering that have been devalued, according to Colorado State University from a production they staged in 2010.

While the play is free, the School of Theatre and Dance is asking for donations that will “have a positive and direct impact on our students, productions and facilities when we return to the stage,” according to the school’s official website.

To reserve a free ticket, visit the School of Music website. There is a link for donations here as well.