Reacting to Super Bowl LV ads

Aidan Bengford, News Reporter

Tide’s Jason Alexander Hoodie Ad

This ad tells a funny story about a kids favorite hoodie slowly getting dirty over time. What’s funny about this is that the hoodie is the face of Jason Alexander, the actor who plays George Costanza from Seinfeld. In each of the events where it gets dirty, Alexander’s face has a different reaction to the gross incident. While jokes about kids obsessing over celebrities can be overused, this ad was pretty funny. 

Norway Electric Car Ad

In this ad, Will Ferrell asks his friends to meet him in Norway in an hour. It shows a short adventure of getting there, and brings up their own plot contrivance that they could’ve just gone together. It’s funny in a metasense, and the overall ridiculousness. It’s not a particularly good ad considering it’s hard to remember the company that created the ad was General Motors.  

Bud Seltzer Lemonade Ad

This ad expresses the widely held belief that 2020 was a really bad year. Adopting the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The ad makes this comedic by showing literal lemons falling from the sky. This wreaks havoc across the country which by itself isn’t funny, but also it’s lemons doing all this so, it’s funny again. Since this is an advertisement for a lemon Seltzer it’s a good connection. Lemonade as a solution to a lemon of a year. It’s a clever connection that makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately for the advertizer, the brand isn’t identifiable in the ad, but any viewer would recognize it if they saw the beverage in a store, making this an effective advertisement.