New book offers financial advice to college students

By Jen Bland

College students do not need to worry about their finances any longer.

“Get Real: A Student’s Guide to Money and Other Practical Matters” offers advice to students on how to handle their money problems and covers everything from bank accounts and credit cards to how to say no to friends who want to borrow money and avoiding typical college scams.

The book was written by Susan Schwartzwald and Jim Tenuto. Schwartzwald said she got the idea for the book three years ago while watching a television show called “Chicken Soup.” In this particular episode the star, Jackie Mason, was lecturing high school students on how to act at a job interview, she said.

Schwartzwald said she turned off the television and went to bed thinking, “how condescending—everyone knows that.”

“I woke up 45 minutes later to the realization that no, not everyone knows that,” she said. “So I sat down and sketched out the 15 chapters.”

The book covers almost every financial problem college students encounter. Schwartzwald said the great thing about her book is that it’s not like a homework assignment. There’s a lot of useful information and it’s fun to read, she said.

The book was released in May as a promotion for graduating high school seniors.

Students interested in purchasing a copy of this book will not yet find it on the shelves of Holmes Student Center Bookstore, but they can place individual orders there for the $9.95 book.