Pizza study links toppings to school choice

By Matt Gronlund

NIU students who do not order pepperoni or sausage on their pizza may have chosen the wrong school.

According to a study by Domino’s Pizza Inc., there is a possible link between what students order on their pizza and where they go to school. Some of the results of the informal survey, conducted by Jericho Promotions Inc., of New York, were reported in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal.

Following the results of the survey, if extra cheese is a student’s idea of a great pizza topping, then Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania is for them. If anchovies are a student’s fancy, then they might best fit in with the ivy-leaguers at Yale.

The study involved the drivers and managers of 400 Domino’s Pizza stores near college campuses.

Although Domino’s Pizza in DeKalb did not participate in the survey, Mike Hillman, owner of the DeKalb and Sycamore Domino’s stores, said, “Pepperoni and sausage are by far the most popular pizza toppings at Northern.” The University of Mississippi and Louisiana State were also found to prefer the same meat toppings.

What this means, only Domino’s knows.

The same study also found that residents of male athletic dorms tip the worst. NIU may not have male athletic dorms, but “women tip the best,” said George Leonard, manager of Domino’s.

Brian Dooley, a Domino’s pizza driver, agreed that women are good tippers but said “intoxicated students really tip the best.” None would say who the worst tippers are.

The frequency that students order pizza was also surveyed. According to the study, a university the size of NIU orders 12 percent less pizza than schools with less than 10,000 students.

“Most regular customers order once a week,” Leonard said. There is always the exception to the rule. “One guy calls six out of seven nights a week and orders a large pepperoni pizza.”

Nationally, female students order the most pizza, but at NIU, “men order the most,” Hillman said.

Whether the Domino’s Pizza study actually means anything or not to NIU students, Leonard said there is one thing all students should keep in mind.

“Domino’s pizza is a culinary delight,” he said.