Counseling center offers services to NIU students

By Philip Dalton

NIU’s Counseling and Student Development Center is gearing up for another year of counseling students.

The center will be offering a number of services to the students this year.

Susan Powell, a psychologist in the center, said these services are designed to help people learn about themselves and feel better.

“We provide services to students with mental difficulties and stress,” she said. “We will provide individual and group counseling, workshops and outreach programs.”

The center is expanding its services to accommodate lesbian, gay and culturally diverse students.

The center offers services in the following areas: psychological counseling, career counseling, educational skills assistance, developmental workshops, consultation, training, research and evaluation, athletic counseling and specific services for minority students.

The center also offers support groups for adult children of alcoholics, eating disorders, family origin, women with international experiences, self-esteem, sexual assault survivors and “women loving women.”

Powell said most groups fill up by the middle of October, and the deadline to sign up varies throughout November. A maximum number of eight people are allowed in each group.

The center will be offering new programs called “mini-series” this year. The programs will be held for either three one-hour sessions or one three-hour session.

The following areas will be covered through mini-series: assertiveness training, assertiveness and communication skills training for gay men, help for women with negative feelings about their bodies, career development for African-Americans, recovery from trauma caused by physical and sexual abuse, lesbian relationships and the effects of family on self and the ability to relate to others.

“If you feel at all that you need assistance, we are always here and can help,” Powell said. “We can also refer students to others who can help them.”

Counseling and Student Development is located on Swen Parson’s second floor, near the Bursar’s Office. For more information call the office at 753-1206.