DeKalb Township to introduce relief programs


Courtesy of

The DeKalb Township Assessor.

By Brandon Montemayor, Lifestyle writer

 DeKALB — The DeKalb Township is starting a program to help local renters this spring. The township has two relief programs in place to aid residents, the “General Assistance” and “Emergency Assistance” programs.

“General assistance is a monthly assistance geared toward individuals with no children.” Erika Brown, DeKalb Township case manager said. “The emergency assistance is a one-time grant that must be paid to a vendor, which is a landlord or utility company.” 

Eligibility for either program is determined by several factors and will be decided within 30-45 days of the application. Qualifications such as residency, income, assets and cooperation with the program are some of the characteristics needed Brown said. 

There are no deadlines for applications to be submitted, however, in order to receive assistance, applications are currently being held over the phone via an interview process, with an online application website coming soon, according to Brown. For more information or to apply for assistance, call the DeKalb Township at (815) 758-8282 or visit DeKalb Township’s website.