Forum introduces Young Democrats

By Rich Bruen

NIU students will get a chance to participate in the political process tonight when the Young Democrats Society holds its candidates’ forum.

The forum will feature seven candidates who are running for political office in November, two of which are NIU students.

Young Democrats Society Chairman Brad Strauss said the forum is intended “to introduce the students to what the Young Democrats are all about and to introduce the candidates.”

He also said the forum will give students an opportunity to learn about politics and the Democratic Party’s stance on certain issues.

“We will address the concerns of NIU,” said John Nelson, Democratic candidate for 38th District senator, “the recent tuition increase, the overall economy, higher and secondary education and differentiate the Democratic Party’s stance on these issues from the other parties.”

Many of the candidates and Young Democrats expressed concerns over apathy and low interest in politics at NIU.

“It is my fondest hope that we can reverse the disinterest that seems to have affected our younger voters,” Nelson said.

“We want people to get involved with the process,” said Mary Sindelar, Young Democrats treasurer and Democratic candidate for the DeKalb County Board.

Jonathon Reich, Democratic candidate for 14th Congressional District congressman, said, traditionally, the majority of NIU students vote Republican.

“We’re hoping to change that,” he said.

According to Sindelar, the forum will be held at 9 p.m. in Room 505 of Holmes Student Center.