SGA candidate profile: Evan Shemroske

Northern Star Staff

The following is the response to a Northern Star questionnaire sent to all SGA candidates. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity and consistency.

Shemroske is running for a senator position for an NIU colleges & academics seat.

Name: Evan Shemroske

Year in School: First-year student

Major: Electrical engineering major

Hometown: Willowbrook

Why do you want to be part of SGA?

I want to be apart of SGA because I feel like student government would be a great use of my time, and I’d love to help my fellow students however I can, and have a major interest in politics. I’ve become very interested in the functions of the Senate after hearing about it through a friend of mine, Jacob Sommer. I’d like to diversify my background, and I’d like my voice to be heard in the engineering department.

What do you hope to accomplish during your term?

My goal in Senate would be to bring more attention to clubs at this school to get students more involved in campus activities, such as engineering clubs for people who may not be engineering majors, but still, have an interest.

What do you think is NIU’s biggest area of improvement?

The biggest problem I see at NIU is that not enough students are getting involved in out-of-class clubs and associations. NIU offers countless wonderful opportunities for everyone to find a place outside of class, and I feel like a lot of students don’t have access to information on those clubs.

Why is student government important to you? Why should the student body care about it?

I felt disconnected in high school, as I mainly kept to myself. When I came to NIU I had a feeling of new responsibility, and I’ve tried to get myself involved in more activities on campus. I’d like students to feel the same level of inclusion I feel, and receive the same if not better opportunities that I’ve had as a freshman.

The Northern Star is publishing the candidates’ responses to our questions as they are given to us. The Northern Star is not endorsing SGA candidates.