GLU plans events, meetings for month

By Rich Bruen

The NIU Gay and Lesbian Union will hold events this month to help educate the public and provide entertainment for both its members and the general public.

GLU Vice President Jeremy Lund said the organization will hold a dance Friday evening. The dance is open to both members and non-members for a $3 admission charge.

Lund said the GLU has traditionally held dances every other Friday, but limited funds have forced the dances to be held “sporadically” this year.

“Attendance has been better this way,” he said.

Lund said he expects 100 to 125 people to attend.

Individuals interested in attending are asked to contact the GLU office for further details on the location.

In addition to the dance, a “coming out” meeting will be held later this month, in which five speakers will conduct a group discussion.

“We’re pretty much going to discuss the process of coming out and how it has affected our lives,” he said.

Lund said another purpose of the meeting is to train residence hall staff members to be “more sensitive to gay and lesbian problems and issues.”

The meeting will be held on Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. in Grant Towers South, but the specific room number is yet to be determined, he said.