CPPC puts businesses in touch with graduates

By Mark Mazzone

Students can’t complain about the cost of services provided by the Career Planning and Placement Center.

That is because NIU students enrolled in the last year of a degree program receive the same services for no charge at Career Planning and Placement Center (CPPC) that other organizations charge for.

“We’re seeing students spend way too much money” on services that are offered by the university at no cost, said Jean Callary, recruiting coordinator of the CPPC. There was an orientation session on Monday to familiarize students with the CPPC.

These services include resume writing and sessions to improve interviewing skills. However, the main goal of the CPPC is to host recruiters from businesses and put them in touch with future NIU graduates.

The catch is that students must seek the assistance they need. The first step for many students is to arrange for an appointment with a counselor.

“(The student) will have to come to the placement center and we will have to figure out where they are,” Callary said.

The CPPC not only helps business students—it is for any student looking for a job in the business world.

“We have something for everyone,” Callary said.

Callary recommended that students stay active with interviews throughout the interviewing season.

“The novelty of campus recruiting wears off. We get a lot of flat tires and dead grandmothers toward the end of the season. No-shows result in removal from the system,” she said. “The last interview may be for the job you want.”

Callary said the most difficult decision for students is what to do when they are offered a job.

“Don’t talk to mom and dad—they want you to take the job. Come and talk to one of us,” she said. “This is such a personal thing, it’s hard to put rules on it. There’s no such thing as the perfect job.”

Callary also said that most employers allow some time for an offer to be accepted or declined if they make it early in the season.

“The thing is to avoid a hasty decision,” Callary said.

She said that jobs are out there, but students have to work hard to get a job that fits their skills.

“If you don’t get some rejection letters, then you are not doing a good job search,” she said.

“It (the orientation session) gets you going in the right direction. You have no idea what you are doing,” said senior geography major Lee Felski.

“This helps a lot of people who don’t know that these resources are out there,” said senior corporate communications major Amy Woodrow. She also said it is helpful that the services are free.

“(The session) was very helpful. I think the system can be very confusing without it,” said senior marketing major Tony Rapisarda.

The orientation sessions will resume next semester and students who wish to sign up for the service this semester can stop by the CPPC office Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.