Taste‘ offers backstage glimpse of Lowden Hall

By Laura Hayes

Students can learn what goes on behind closed doors in Lowden Hall during this year’s “A Taste of Lowden.”

To celebrate Unity in Diversity year, the NIU administration is sponsoring the event on Oct. 1 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Lowden Hall.

Donald Buckner, associate vice president for Student Affairs, said this year’s taste is a “special effort” to join all students and the administration.

“All areas of the university can mix in a joyful event,” Buckner said.

The taste also will acquaint students with the central offices and the student room in Lowden Hall, he added.

A complimentary lunch will kick off the event with a steel band playing until 1 p.m. Unity in Diversity tents also will be on display.

NIU President John La Tourette will give a speech to finish off the taste. Students then will be given a guided tour of the offices in Lowden Hall.

Patricia Hewitt, associate vice president of Business and Operations, said the purpose of the taste is to inform students about NIU.

“(The administration) will answer questions and concerns so students do not feel so isolated from the system,” she said.

Buckner said about 700 students participated in the event and 100 students toured the offices last year. One student said last year’s taste was the “finest day in three years at Northern,” Buckner said.