Hillel Jewish Organization plans changes

By Stacy Goldman

The Hillel Jewish Organization is back at NIU and plans to be better than before.

Hillel President Jordan Kagan said changes in the organization should put the group in gear toward a more social environment.

“There are main goals that we would like to achieve this year,” he said. “One of those goals is to really concentrate on the social aspect of the organization.”

These changes include Hillel’s new adviser Aron Levin, an NIU graduate student, and more planned social events, Kagan said.

He said the organization already has had social events and more events are in the planning process.

“These events include a barbecue and Shabbat dinners,” he said.

“Trips to comedy clubs and exchanges with other organizations are other possibilities that are being considered for future events.”

Kagan said students must be informed about the group’s plans in order for it to survive.

In order to keep their head above water, he said the organization spreads information through word-of-mouth, flyers and freshmen orientation.

In the future, Hillel plans to obtain more information about students from the Office of Registration and Records, Kagan said.

Students can call 748-3300 for more information.