Group fights drug abuse

By Wendy Arquilla

Anyone concerned with making DeKalb a better place to live now has a chance to contribute to the community.

The DeKalb County Partnership for a Substance Abuse Free Environment (DCP/SAFE) will hold its third annual assembly Oct. 30 at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau headquarters, 315 N. Sixth St.

The theme for this year’s assembly is “SAFE at home.”

Cris Povlsen, program director of volunteer services, said the assembly will review the past accomplishments of the DCP/SAFE action groups. These action groups, he said, consist of small groups of members who will concentrate on specific objectives.

There are seven of these action groups which concentrate on substance abuse and prevention, ranging from action in the workplace to action through the family.

Doug Dashner, chairperson of the assembly planning committee, said “the real focus is updating the status of drug and community interaction.” He said this information would allow for new ideas and new approaches to the substance abuse problem.

Povlsen said that the agenda of the assembly will consist of an overview of the action groups’ accomplishments, followed by a presentation on gang activity and prevention in DeKalb County.

Following the presentation, William White, noted substance abuse specialist, will speak on trends of substance problems and prevention facing communities. White also will suggest strategies for defeating the drug problem, Povlsen said.

There also will be a chance for the action groups to break off individually to set goals and objectives for the coming year

Through this informative assembly, Povlsen said he hopes “to gain an influx of new members” and “reach a larger population of the families, law enforcement, businesses, clergy, media and concerned citizens of this community.”

Dashner said he feels “the assembly will focus more attention on the problem (of substance abuse).” He said that the awareness will rejuvenate the effort to eliminate substance abuse.

Povlsen said in past assemblies there have been attendance numbers between 100 to 150 people. But this year he expects 200 or more in attendance.

He said there is no deadline to register for the DCP/SAFE assembly, but he urged anyone interested to register as soon as possible. The fee for registration is $15 for the general public and $5 for students.

For more information call Kris Povlsen at 756-4875.