Congress needs lighter office

Congress should be reigned in from its maniacal spending spree.

A recently-released study shows that $700 million in tax money was spent by Congress “to skirt their own rules.”

It is amazing that Congress actually can have enough nerve to spend money that technically is not theirs to begin with.

Some of the things money is spent on is ludicrous. Everything

from mail to muffins. In fact, the cheapest-run office in the House goes to Rep. William Natcher, D-Ky., who needed $253,896 to get the place going.

When that much money is spent on something like an office, well, it’s time for government to wake up and stop spending the money.

With the House already scarred with scandal, the last thing its members need to do is spend money uselessly.

Maybe Congress reps should try spending a little more directly on the public or the programs that deeply will affect the public instead of jetting back and forth between their eight homes.

It also seems shady that lawmakers’ personal allowances remain secret. What do they have to hide? Obviously a lot if they won’t release those figures.

According to Congress, it costs about $20 for a flashlight. Well, maybe they should shine it in between Congress’ ears.