Faculty members offer money-saving ideas

By Jen Bland

Times are tough and money is tight, so NIU faculty and administration are brainstorming to come up with their own money-saving suggestions that could stretch the budget.

Faculty members were encouraged via Northern Today, an NIU faculty newsletter, to send in their ideas of how the administration could cut down on costs, according to Diane Strand, assistant director of the Office of Public Information.

Some have taken advantage of the opportunity and aired their concerns.

Associate Professor of Finance Dick Dowen might not have a way to help the wounded budget, but said he thinks one step would be to stop waxing the floors.

Not only will unwaxed floors stop some slips and slides, but they also will help save money at NIU, he said.

“The maintenance crew spends lots of time waxing and stripping the floors,” he said. “They could save lots of money on materials and labor if they didn’t wax the floors.”

Al Mueller from NIU’s administrative information services said faculty members should start “car-pooling.”

Another suggestion from Mary Savage, an employee in the

Founder Memorial Library microfilm department, said NIU should plan ahead when it comes to buying microfilm cabinets.

The department should purchase them every five years, instead of every one or two years, she said.

Other suggestions include turning off lights, stopping mass mailings made by faculty members and putting water savers on all campus showers.

Suggestions are still being taken at the Office of Public Information. A selected few will be printed in the Northern Today, Strand said.

She added that the two best suggestions will be chosen, and winners will receive two free meals at the Pheasant Room.