Academic units to relocate

By Rich Bruen

NIU administrators have begun plans for the relocation of academic units affected by the construction of a new parking structure.

Over the summer, the Board of Regents approved a proposal for an $8.5 million parking structure to be built on NIU Lot 15, located south of Founders Memorial Library.

Lot 15 also is the home of the Honors Program, the Center for Black Studies, the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the Athletic Counseling office, the Geological Survey Department and The Northern Star.

Finance and Planning Analyst Beth Schrader said demolition of these buildings will begin next March.

Because of concerns raised over relocation, Assistant Provost Donald Davidson held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the move with representatives from the affected units.

“We thought it would be a very good thing if we could update all of the players,” Davidson said.

At the meeting, representatives were told three offices in Altgeld Hall will be moved to the old Floor-to-Ceiling Store, 1515 W. Lincoln Hwy.

“The old Floor-to-Ceiling store will be allocated to printing, insurance and personnel,” Davidson said.

The available space resulting from this relocation will be used to accommodate most of the Lot 15 units.

“Work (at the Floor to Ceiling Store) should be completed in mid-October, and moving will occur until about mid-December,” Davidson said.

According to Davidson, The Northern Star and Geological Survey Department will likely split room 108 of Altgeld, where printing is currently located.

In addition, 3,302 square feet of space will open up in Lowden Hall when personnel is moved from their current location on the southeast corner of the building.

According to Schrader, the space in Lowden is tentatively scheduled to be allocated to the Athletic Counseling office.

Particular locations for the other units were not discussed at the meeting.

“We would like to discuss the matter with the units face-to-face to examine individual needs before deciding on anything,” Schrader said.

“There are possibilities of negotiations with the various colleges for additional space, as well as what we have already,” said acting Associate Provost Rosalie Hewitt.

After two years at their temporary locations, some of the units will be moved into the Campus Life Building.