NIU student takes over board position

By Philip Dalton

One of NIU’s very own has been chosen to replace Tim Bagby on the DeKalb County Board for the seventh district.

NIU student Eric Carter was chosen by a Republican caucus to replace Bagby, who stepped down earlier this year. Carter was chosen from a number of candidates in the district. He will be running for the position in the November 3 election.

Carter is a senior pursuing a degree in political science. He is also an active member of the NIU College Republicans Club.

He said he hopes to represent student issues on the county board and also would like to see the board work more closely with the growing cities of Sycamore and DeKalb.

Carter also plans to be involved with the county budget, an issue he said he considers to be one of the major ones.

The board soon will begin a $25,000 study to research user fees. He said the study might result in the lowering of certain fees. Other issues he said he regards as important include the funding issue at the DeKalb County Nursing Home, 2331 Sycamore Road, and the treatment of the area forest preserves.

In order to keep in touch with city issues as well as student concerns, Carter invited students and all residents of the district to come to the county board meetings, which always are open to the public.

Carter said he is open for student suggestions or questions, as well as Margaret Phillips, area coordinator for Neptune and Gilbert Halls, who is also a member of the DeKalb County Board.