DeKalb Police ready for Corn Fest

By R. Scott Lohman

DeKalb Police are ready to take on this year’s Corn Fest as they add extra help in downtown DeKalb to make festivities safer.

Extra police officers will be on hand this weekend to help control the crowds and watch for disorderly conduct, DeKalb Police Lt. Richard Moudy said.

Moudy said he expects there might be more disorderly conduct and arrests for open containers of alcohol than usual because of the high number of people in a rather confined area.

DeKalb Police Lt. Chuck Kross added that when many people get together, and there is excess drinking, things are bound to happen.

Kross said there are always isolated problems, but Corn Fest never has had any major trouble.

Moudy said he encourages “students and others to come down and enjoy the food and entertainment.” He also said he hopes people maintain good behavior at the weekend’s events as well so that everyone might enjoy this year’s Corn Fest.

Moudy suggests to all who are interested in attending Corn Fest that they avoid driving near the downtown area because some streets will be blocked off and parking will be difficult. He also said that there will be shuttle buses to take people from designated parking lots to the downtown area.

Parking lots which will have shuttle buses are at DeKalb High School on Barb Blvd. and South Fourth Street, and Clinton Rosette Middle School, 650 N. First St.