Development department duties split

By Rich Bruen

NIU’s development division was broken into two pieces in early June because of budget cuts.

The development division oversees alumni relations, corporate relations, public information, Northern Public Radio (WNIU/WNIJ/NIRIS) and the publications, printing and marketing department.

Vice President of Development Tom Mitchell, who took over the position following the May 18 resignation of Tom Montiegel, will retain control of the alumni relations and corporate relations departments.

Michael P. Malone, the current director of publications, printing and marketing, was named as interim assistant to the vice president of Development and given the additional responsibilities of directing the public information and Northern Public Radio departments.

The move has the dual intention of improving the efficiency of the division, as well as granting Mitchell the opportunity to devote more time and energy to private sector fundraising efforts.

Mitchell called the split “one of the most positive team building decisions I‘ve seen in a long time” and an exercise in “homogeneous thinking.”

In the past, the vice president of Development solely controlled all aspects of the division.

As a result, the vice president was not left with enough time to properly supervise the operation of the division, Mitchell said.

The new plan will be in effect for six to eight months.

If the new “model” proves successful, it will be considered for permanent use, said NIU President John La Tourette. A nationwide search then will begin, he said.

Since coming to NIU in 1984, Malone has reformed the publications department and worked with the theatre department to increase its revenues through increased ticket sales, private donations and corporate sponsorship.