Committee meets to discuss reallocation

By Brian Slupski

The Academic Resource Advisory Committee met Tuesday and raised concerns about the reallocation process which is taking place.

The committee’s mission is to generate a pool of $3.8 million for reallocation. Colleges were asked to identify the equivalent of 5 percent of programs and activities in this year’s budget for reallocation.

Engineering professor Donald Bosack said he is concerned that some of the colleges might be trying to “con” the committee.

Bosack said he was worried some colleges might identify very serious items for reallocation, thinking that the committee wouldn’t reallocate them.

“The funny money might be somewhere else,” Bosack said, referring to the possibility that money for less important programs might be hidden elsewhere.

Bosak said he wanted to see the whole budget of the colleges, not just bits and pieces.

Art Professor Gordon Dorn said he did not think the colleges were trying to con the committee since the reallocation reports submitted have come about through consultation.

“Faculty and college counsels have given their input and approved what has been identified in the reports,” Dorn sa

Besides, he added, even if colleges were trying to con the committee, the activities, programs or personnel will have been identified by the colleges themselves and could be considered for reallocation no matter how serious.

Theatre arts Professor JoAnne Fox said her college has had to face either losing a program or personnel. Fox said she did not believe that some of the colleges were trying to con the committee.

Accountancy Professor William Cummings said instead of reallocating a “shrinking pie,” focus perhaps should be on enlarging that pie.

He said it was unfortunate that some programs “like the athletic program, which consumes $2 million dollars in general revenue funds for a mediocre program, is off the table.”

Cummings said that when the committee writes its final report, suggestions should be made about such activities.

The University Libraries went before the committee last Thursday to identify funds for reallocation in various areas of the department.

The committee also discussed the division of the International and Special Programs at a prior meeting.